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Alert Driving School

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Alert Driving School

Welcome to Alert Driving School, your premier destination for excellent driving education. Established in 2009, we bring over a decade of experience to the driving education industry. Based in Mullingar, we proudly serve the Westmeath region, providing comprehensive driving lessons to aspiring drivers. At Alert Driving School, our team comprises certified RSA instructors, each equipped with a full B-class car license. We prioritise safety, professionalism, and excellence in our instruction, ensuring students receive the highest quality training to become confident and responsible drivers. Join Alert Driving School for a journey towards safe and skilled driving in the beautiful surroundings of Westmeath.


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Driving Lessons Mullingar

Our driving lessons in Mullingar cater to a diverse range of individuals. Whether you're a novice looking to build foundational skills, an improver aiming to enhance your driving abilities, or someone preparing to take the test after a prolonged wait, we've got you covered. At Alert Driving School,  we understand the challenges of waiting for a test and provide comprehensive instruction to ensure you are well-prepared when the time comes.


Moreover, we offer specialised assistance for licensed drivers, especially if you're relocating to an area where driving is on the left side of the road. Trust us to guide you through every stage of your driving journey with expertise and personalised attention.


Are you in search of expert driving instructors in Mullingar? Contact Alert Driving School today!

Alert Driving School

Driving instructors Mullingar

As your trusted Driving Instructors in Mullingar, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of driver education. Since 2009, our certified RSA instructors have been expertly trained to provide comprehensive guidance. With a commitment to fostering a comfortable and confident driving experience, we assist our clients at their own pace, tailoring lessons to individual needs.


Our instructors are well-versed in the intricacies of the driving test routes in Mullingar, ensuring that learners are thoroughly prepared for success. At Alert Driving School, driving instructors Mullingar, we not only aim to help you obtain your license but also strive to instil a lasting sense of road safety and confidence behind the wheel.


EDT Driving Training

Alert Driving School offers a comprehensive range of EDT Driver Training services to meet your driving needs. Our package includes 12 structured lessons designed to build essential skills and confidence on the road. For those gearing up for the driving test, our specialised EDT Driver Training pre-test lessons are geared to fine-tune your skills and address specific areas of improvement.


We understand that each learner is unique, so our plans are flexible and can be tailored to cater to your individual needs. At Alert Driving School, we are committed to providing personalised and effective instruction, ensuring you are well-prepared for success. Choose our EDT Driver Training for a customised learning experience that aligns with your goals and aspirations.



FROM €45
1hr lesson
Reduced rate for 12 lessons when paid in advance


Thanks a million to Alert Driving School - Frank! Couldn't have passed the test without Frank.

Definitely will recommend Frank, especially for the ppl who are new to Mullingar and not familiar with the test routes.

Selva Barati

Alert Driving School FAQ’s

What is the catchment area of our driving lessons in Mullingar?

Alert Driving School caters our driving lessons to the Mullingar area and test routes.

Where can our team meet you for Driving lessons in Mullingar?

At Alert Driving School, we are happy to meet clients at a location that best suits them in Mullingar. Whether it is your home, a hotel or a petrol station, we have got you covered!

Do we offer free quotes on EDT Driving Training?

Yes! At Alert Driving School, we are happy to provide clients free quotes on all services, including EDT Driving Training.

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